Trauma Instrumentation

Flexible Reamer

Made from a  flexible Nitinol tube, allowing anatomically appropriate reaming along the natural curvature of the long bone (not possible with a straight rigid reamer). The smooth nature of the Nitinol tube allows for easy cleaning, minimizing the risk of infection in patients.


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Hand Held Instrumentation

  • Super-elastic material allowing a high degree of deformation
  • Modular design for use with various size reamer head sizes


Reliable performance

  • Reverse cutting reamer heads reduce risk of jamming and help to clear bone debris when backing out the reamer.
  • Smaller diameter of the tube reduces the pressure to the intramedullary canal and the possibility of DVT.
  • Secure dovetail attachment eliminates the risk of separation during the procedure


Available either as a modular or a monobloc system for femoral applications.


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