Hip Surgical Instrumentation

Straight and Offset Broach Handles

Broach handles are available in multiple configurations to enable  flexibility in surgical approach and less invasive techniques.

MPS Precimed product design can be customized and validated to meet your specific needs. Handles are available in straight, single and double offset configurations.


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Cup Impactor

The offset impactor allows the controlled positioning and impaction of acetabular cups through a small incision, enabling a less invasive surgical approach. The unique locking mechanism enables accurate cup placement during impaction. The cup rotation is fixed once locked in place.


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Reamer Handles

The offset reamer handle is inspired to facilitate MIS procedures,

the handle incorporates design features that enable correct orientation reaming, simple and stable connection of the reamer, quick assembly and disassembly and optimum cleaning. The side handle adjusts for different angular orientations, providing the option for multiple customized surgical approaches.


Future design development in alternative materials.


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